Sgt. Remo

 together we can make this project a reality

Visit the site by clicking on the picture above! We are raising funds for a new, strictly roots/dub album produced by McPullish which will be released exclusively on vinyl. Lots of cool perks & prizes for your contributions (starting at $1); anywhere from music downloads, stickers, signed CD's & posters, lady’s T-shirts, a physical copy of the actual vinyl album, video chat, and even a live performance in your home or party.
We’ve been asked if Indiegogo is legit. YES! It’s official. We promise you won’t lose your identity by contributing. We hope this clarifies what this crowdfunding campaign is all about. Thank you for your support!

sgt remo & manu dread - road to zion (official video)

sgt remo & princess kazayah - wisdom & glory (official video)

***New Album OUT NOW***


Navigate the website and check out Sgt Remo's previous albums, bio, photos, and press. While you are on the site you can listen to the last album Give Thanks for Life on the music player. Don't forget to visit the video page for all the official videos. Thank you for visiting the home of Sgt Remo Music.