Sgt. Remo

King Remo Sound System

King Remo Sound System is a sound system collective hailing from San Antonio, TX. The sound system is the first of its kind in San Antonio and one of only a few sound systems in the southwest. King Remo Sound System aims to promote reggae music in its original form, as propagated in the communities of Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora from the inception of the sound system culture. The 10,000 watt, pecan colored, wooden Wall-of-Sound is in its second iteration and was hand-built by owner Remo (owner & operator) from start to finish.

The concept of King Remo Sound System was born from Remo’s love for Jamaican culture and reggae music. After visiting Jamaica several times and experiencing firsthand the Jamaican sound systems, he decided to research and develop his own handcrafted wooden sound system. The first iteration of the sound system included three bass bins, two kick boxes, and three tops with a modest 5,000 watts of amplification. After playing a few dates, Remo realized it was necessary to increase the size of the sound system. The sound grew to four bass bins, four kickboxes, and four tops with over 10,000 watts plus an array of auxiliary of equipment. As any sound system operator knows, the sound system is never finished and always has areas of improvement. But the current configuration has been getting the job done (for now).  Sgt. Remo is one of the primary selectors and DJs for the sound as well as selector Ras G who spins a strictly vinyl selection. There are always several guest selectors who step in and help to keep the vibes fresh.

Few music lovers realize how sound system culture helped to shape all genres of music, especially hip-hop and electronic music. DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican immigrant in the Bronx, began to play the B sides of popular vinyl records in the 70’s while having MC’s rap over the instrumentals. The beginning of hip-hop music started from the sound system culture a young Kool Herc experienced in Jamaica. Jamaican immigrants in the U.K. popularized sound systems in Europe as well. They first kept dances within their Jamaican communities, but later it spread to the entire continent giving rise to the popularization of Dub and other forms of electronic music which have emerged from this form of reggae.

King Remo Sound System is much more than a DJ with a wall of speakers. It is part of a larger umbrella of music and community-based organizations which encompasses the Jah Yute Entertainment music label, Sgt. Remo the reggae artist, and the collaborative of selectors, singers, DJs, artists, poets, activists, non-profit organizations, and businesses whose aim is to build their communities through music and art.