Sgt. Remo


Sgt. Remo Biography

Sgt. Remo, born Sergio Ortiz, was born in Juarez, Mexico. He is a Mexican-American reggae singer known in the U.S. and Latin America for his music that is focused on messages about self-empowerment and the uplifting of marginalized people around the world. He began performing reggae music in the early 2000’s and refined his talent with Brotherhood Sound System in New Mexico from 2005-2008.

The unlikely reggae singer/deejay Sgt. Remo cut his first single as a guest artist on Mister Kali’s Loving Loving in 2010. He came on the international reggae scene in 2012 with the EP Life is for Living which featured his first notable songs Thunder & Lightning, No Man Stranded, and Tell Me Who (produced by McPullish). The album was released on his own independent label Jah Yutes Entertainment (JYE) which had previously released the album Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1 the year prior.  The EP garnered modest attention and gave the artist a solid ground to build upon. It caught the attention of German producer Don Goliath, who invited Sgt. Remo to collaborate on the single Call on Jah in 2013.

A year later Sgt Remo released his first full album Give Thanks for Life and achieved his first international underground hit Rastafari Way. The album was well received in several markets but received the most attention in Mexico City. This opened the doors to a lasting music relationship with his native country. The 13 song album produced several hits for Sgt Remo including the title track Give Thanks for Life, Babylon is Burning, and I’m Free. The album was recognized by New York’s AIRM’s Top 30 Reggae Albums of 2014 and by Denmark’s Reggae Moods top 15 Roots & Culture Albums of the Year. 2014 also opened the doors for Sgt Remo to tour more aggressively touching down in many U.S. cities, Mexico, and even Japan. By this time Sgt. Remo had incorporated an aggressive video production strategy as part of his marketing formula releasing eight official videos for his most popular songs.

In 2015 he traveled to Colombia to perform for the first time and recorded a hit dancehall collaboration and video, Dale Play, with Colombia’s Haffid Kandela and Mexico’s Ras Levy. This would be a huge success for the 3 artists receiving good rotation in Colombia and Mexico. 2015 also saw the release of another important single Babylon Town featuring Leona De Etiopia and Ras Levy of Mexico City. This single was the beginning of an important relationship between the three artists which led to multiple collaborative efforts.

2016 saw the release of the album Sgt. Remo & Friends – Crucial Classics. The 14-track album had been in the making for over two years and included a cast of 17 guest artists and various producers from the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. The album, released on JYE, rendered several noteworthy singles such as Wisdom & Glory with Princess Kazayah, Road to Zion with Chile’s Manu Dread, Ram the Dancehall with Soulfiya, and Stronger in These Times with Belizean Nego Hights. Remo produced eight official videos to accompany this release keeping up his tireless video production. He also completed a two-month tour in promotion of the album, capping off the tour with a festival line up in Mexico City featuring many of the guest artists on the album. The event was held at Cultural Roots Reggae Club, the principal reggae venue in Mexico City.



“Loving Loving” by Mr. Kali feat. Sgt Remo: Step Fast by Mr. Kali released by Dread I Arts


Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1 compilation album released by JYE

“How Long” by Sgt Remo: Brighter Smile Riddim album released by Dread I Arts


“Feeling No Pain” by Sgt Remo: Serious Love Riddim album released by One Shot MX

“Dawtah” by Sgt Remo: Single released by JYE

“Marie” by Sgt Remo: Maya Riddim album released by Hotta Lava Music

Life is for Living EP by Sgt Remo released by JYE


“Revolutionary” by Sgt Remo: Shepherd Riddim album released by Charlie’s Records

“Remo Rankin (Fun Time)” by Sgt Remo: Donkey Riddim album released by Cuartito de a Jah & TnT Music

“Call On Jah” by Don Goliath feat. Sgt Remo & Mikey Wild: Rootstep to the World Vol. 9 released by Rootstep Division Records

“Mama Don’t Cry” by Sgt Remo: Jahma Riddim album released by Reggae Es Vida Producciones


“I’m Free” by Sgt Remo: Ayun Riddim album released by DnL Producciones

Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 2 compilation album released by JYE

Give Thanks for Life album by Sgt Remo released by JYE


“Babylon Town” by Sgt Remo, Ras Levy, & Leona de Etiopia: Single released by JYE

“Officer” by Ras Elijah Tafari & Charles X, & Sgt Remo; S.O.S. by Ras Elijah Tafari released by Lion Art Productions

“Dale Play” by Ras Levy feat. Haffid Kandela, & Sgt Remo: Single released by JYE

“No Matter What Them Say” by Sgt Remo: Nah Look Back album released by Green Beats Net Label

“No Man Stranded” by Sgt Remo: Our Love Riddim album released by JYE


Give Thanks Remixes EP by Sgt Remo, Hott, & 6Blocc released by Mictlantecuhtli

Sgt Remo & Friends-Crucial Reggae Duets album by Sgt Remo released by JYE


Oh Jah album by Sgt Remo released by JYE

Jah Love by Sgt Remo: Same Sun compilation album released by Bellyfull

A Wah Do Dem by Tarmac feat. Sgt Remo & Ras Levy: Mash Dem Down released by Asociacion Cultural Tarmac


Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol 3. compilation album released by JYE

10,000 Saints by Dre Z Melodi & Sgt Remo: Single released by JYE