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The summer is upon us and it seems like it’s going to be a hot-hot summer this year.  The early part of 2012 was a fruitful one for Sgt. Remo Music and Jah Yutes Entertainment.  2012 saw the release of two new Sgt. Remo songs “Dawtah” and “Feeling No Pain” both produced by Pedro EA Productions.  They were both well received and have been promoted heavily worldwide. A new partnership with Jango Online Radio has proved very successful allowing the music to reach newer audiences worldwide. If you are one of the new Sgt. Remo fans, THANK YOU for supporting the music and the efforts!

This summer looks to be very promising as well and continues the efforts of the earlier part of the year. The official video for “How Long” is in post-production and scheduled for release this summer. The video was shot in Jacksonville, Florida and produced by Jerry Castellanos from the Munda Inc. entertainment umbrella based out of El Paso, TX.  It was filmed during an unusually chilly three days in Jacksonville.  This is Sgt Remo’s first official video.  It will be unveiled this summer so stay tuned for that!

Sgt. Remo’s collaboration with producer McPullish was very productive this last winter. There were two songs recorded during the two day session. The first to be released will be “Revolutionary” on the Shepherd Riddim.  It is scheduled to be released this summer on Charlie’s Records and will feature tunes from some top notch Jamaican artists, plus dubs and horn version.  “McPullish is a musical project and nickname of musician / producer Carson Hoovestol, realized after years of musical exploration, recording and practice in the art of dub. Writing, playing, and mixing original songs with Luciano, Judge, Chezidek, General Smiley, Ninja Ford, Sylford Walker, Fantan Mojah, Ginjah, Aimann Raad, Red Lion, Lutan Fyah, Mark Wonder and plenty of instrumental and Dub tunes, McPullish has built up his label; Charlie's Records.”  ("Bio." McPullish. Web. 12 May 2012. <

The second collaboration with McPullish is entitled “Tell Me Who” on the Dub on the Range riddim.  This is scheduled to be released at the latter part of 2012 on the Jah Yutes Entertainment label. Sgt. Remo continues to work with producer Pedro EA Productions based out of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Their collaboration has proved to be a good one already releasing two well received songs including the hit “Dawtah.” If you haven’t yet heard it…check it out!  Please visit to stay informed of the latest music and news from the Sgt. Remo Music camp or visit Sgt. Remo on Facebook.


Sgt. Remo


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