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Jah Yutes Entertainment presents Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol 2


The second installment in the compilation album series, Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 2, debuts worldwide on Wednesday, January 11, 2014. The album features 17 tracks featuring music from Reggae artists representing every corner of the world. This truly is a worldwide experience with a list of artists representing Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Gambia, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, Suriname, United Kingdom, and the United States. This groundbreaking release introduces some new names who are destined to make a long lasting impression in the global Reggae community. The only household name in the compilation is Gappy Ranks. However, the complete line-up of artists brings to the table some heavy hitting renditions on the two featured riddims on the LP. The riddims are the Touching The Sky, and Red Stallion. Both produced by Cuban born producer Pedro Hernandez from El Artillero Productions (St. Petersburg, FL).

The album is available at all digital retailers and stream sites. There is a limited edition CD available through CD Baby. The beautifully designed 6 panel digi-pack includes liner notes, artwork, and a note from the executive producer. Visit the official Reggae SoulJahs headquarters  to learn more about this project. Follow Jah Yutes Entertainment on Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Official track listing:

1. Nico D – Just Another Name (Norway)
2. Damas – Head Above Water (Jamaica)
3. Gappy Ranks – Dreams (United Kingdom)
4. Sgt Remo – Rastafari Way (Mexico)
5. Island Rose – Jah Makes Me High (United Kingdom)
6. L.E.A.D. – Holding On (Jamaica)
7. Benjahmin Ceesay – Sunshine Girl (Gambia)
8. Lion Bobmano – Stay Far From Them (Suriname)
9. Zally – Phat Momma (Jamaica)
10. Dre-Z – Any Storm (New Mexico, US)
11. Manu Dread – La Esperanza (Chile)
12. Ezekiel Far I – Ask Me Why (Guyana)
13. Miriam Simone – Take A Second (Suriname)
14. Damas – Chess or Checkers (Jamaica)
15. Benjahmin Ceesay – What Goes Around (Gambia)
16. Sgt Remo – Dem No Know (Mexico)
17. Noah – Beautiful (Costa Rica)



This compilation brings together an assembly of Reggae artists from around the world in an attempt to highlight the great contributions this music has brought to people around the globe. The Island of Jamaica has been able to accomplish what few countries have done. Without an army this island has conquered the hearts and minds of the world through the voices of their singers, chanters, and musicians. The message and the mission of Reggae, and the Rastafarian faith which is inseparable from the music, has reached the most remote places in the world. Of course this is owed to the pioneers who first brought their music to the abroad and we will continue to be indebted to them for they set the foundation we continue to build upon today.

Today Reggae music plays everywhere, in every language, and every country and many of these countries have adopted the music and culture as their voice, their tool and their mission. The message has always been universal and “those who feel it, know it”. Reggae has become the soundtrack to the struggles and joys of the Caribbeans, Africans, Native Americans, North, Central, and South Americans, Europeans, and Asians alike.  With this in mind we have amassed a great compilation that brings together some of the best Reggae artists from countries representing areas of the entire globe. These artists are the future of Reggae on a universal scale, not only for their respective countries, but collectively as a worldwide movement united through music.

We at Jah Yutes Entertainment hope this album brings you as much joy as it has given us throughout the entire production process. Every project is always unique and this has been no exception. It is the first time we engage in a project involving such a diverse group of artists but I think you will find a sense of consistency from start to finish. The two riddims used in the album were both by Cuban producer Pedro Hernandez of El Artillero Productions. They are titled Touching the Sky and Red Stallion Riddim. Touching the Sky is a contemporary riddim that lent itself to several great songs on the album while the Red Stallion is a Reggae riddim rounding off the album with some great renditions. Fulljoy!


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