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Sgt Remo Premieres Official Video Babylon Is Burning!

Sgt Remo Premieres Official Video Babylon Is Burning!




Reggae artist Sgt Remo’s debuts his official music video titled Babylon is Burning. The video is his third video release from the album Give Thanks for Life. The album was released in late 2014 on the Jah Yute Entertainment (JYE) label.  This is one of Sgt Remo’s most fiery songs and videos, burning down the social injustices taking place around the world. The video takes viewers on a thought provoking journey with vivid images of the recent uprisings in various places around the world as nations have responded to the violence inflicted on the average citizen.

On a recent interview on Desert Zion radio Sgt Remo explained he does not promote a violent uprising of the people, rather a call to rise by means of the education and self-empowerment within the communities. “I don’t mean Babylon is Burning as a literal call to action. That only affects the people and the communities more than anything.” But he encourages people to be “well informed, educated, and self-sufficient as a means of maintaining the autonomy of a sovereign human being.”   

This video was filmed on location throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico. The video was directed by Jon Sims from No Reservations Productions with musical production courtesy of Bayou International. The two other videos released, also from the album Give Thanks for Life, are titled Rastafari Way and I’m Free. These and other videos are now available for viewing. Please visit Sgt. Remo Music at the official website for the latest updates. Subscribe to Sgt. Remo’s official YouTube page and don’t forget to like the Sgt. Remo Music page on Facebook.

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