Sgt. Remo

This Will Be The Final Video

This Will Be The Final Video...

     Sgt Remo releases the last single and official video from the Sgt Remo & Friends album. The album has been a great success, and what better way to close out the promotion of this powerful album than with an official video of one of the most important cuts on the record. Sgt Remo & Manu Dread enlisted the music production of El Artillero Productions on this single. Video production was provided by Irie Media Films of Mexico City. The two artists live around 5000 miles from each other. Sgt Remo lives in Texas, USA while Manu Dread lives in Chile. Nonetheless, they were able to meet in Mexico City to film this great video.

     Sgt Remo & Friends has been a great undertaking. The album consists of 14 tracks, 17 guest artists, and 8 producers hailing from all over the globe. From the music production to the filming of 8 official videos, it has been a true logistical challenge to accomplish this album. There are several other crucial songs that did not get the proper promotion but we hope the listeners will discover those gems on their own. Fulljoy this last video and please support independent reggae artist like Sgt Remo. Bless!

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